In what areas do you currently provide cleaning services?

D’nA Cleaning Services is available in South/East Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and the town of Beaumont.

What arrangements are made as far as getting into our home on our scheduled cleaning day?

Customers can provide us with a key, door or garage code. Arrangements can also be made to meet us and let us in.

Do we need to leave our house when you come to clean?

No, this is your preference to be home or not. We do have customers that work from home and that is perfectly fine with us.

What is your company policy if there are people home sick the day of cleaning.

We appreciate a notIce of sickness as soon as possible. In most instances we don’t expect our workers to enter these homes and will do our best to reschedule.

What are your payment options?

We are currently accepting etransfers or cheques payable to D’nA Cleaning Services.

What about our pets?

Your pets are a part of your home and we all enjoy their company. We just need to ensure we know any special instructions.

Are your employees/cleaners insured and bondable?

Yes, all employees provide a clear criminal record and are covered through our company liability insurance.

If you have any more questions please contact us today.