Laundry Basket

Extra Services

NOW available, these NEW extra services will now be available with D’nA Cleaning Services and the costs involved can be discussed at anytime.  These services are by request only and may be added during your regular cleaning or may be scheduled at different times with us.

  • Fresh linens on bed – soiled linens in laundry
  • 1, 2 or 3 loads of laundry cleaned/dried and folded
  • Inside of fridge cleaned and/or inside of oven cleaned
  • Inside of cupboards washed especially under sink cupboards
  • Clean and shine inside of Windows
  • Clean and organize pantry or cupboards
  • Clean and shine light fixtures

If there are other areas of your home that may need attention and are not listed above we would be more than willing to discuss.  We appreciate that each detail of your home is a personal investment and we want you to feel we can help with these details in a special way! Contact us to discuss your personal needs.