I hired D’nA Cleaning Services during a busy time with my studies and was so glad I did.  I could count on her commitment and accommodations as needed. 

Andrea B

The quality of cleaning and the service we receive from Denise and her staff have been outstanding.  As a shift worker,  Denise accommodates my schedule to fit my needs accordingly.  D’nA Cleaning Services performance is top notch!


Denise and her staff have provided quality cleaning services to us over the years.  They have graciously accommodated us in a variety of ways as both our cleaning needs and our facility schedule have changed.  The reliability of D’nA Cleaning Services continues to provide peace of mind as the cleaning responsibilities at our facility are consistently and conscientiously taken care of.


D’nA Cleaning Services has been one of the smartest decisions I have made.  As a working mother of two, time is very limited, and I need to do my best to make wise decisions with our resources.  Denise and her team provide a superior service, going above and beyond to ensure my needs are met.  I always joke that I love them so much, I may just name them in my will.  I highly recommend D’nA Cleaning Services to anyone looking for a stellar cleaning service.   


D’nA Cleaning Services is the first cleaning service I have used in my home and I am always happy with the work they do.  Denise has a very high standard of cleanliness and it shows from week to week.  This service gives me more time focus on my own business, I highly recommend them for anyone looking to have their home sparkle!

Nicole B

Thank you to Denise and her team at D’nA Cleaning Services.  Denise has been cleaning my home for over 4 years now and I continue to be satisfied with her professionalism, punctuality, honesty and customer service.  It is such a joy to come home to a clean house after a long day at work.  


I have had D’nA Cleaning Services do my house cleaning for the past 5 years.  I have found them to be reliable, courteous, and the work ethic exemplary.  I would recommend Denise without hesitation.  


Denise communicates well and is always quick to return messages via text/email to coordinate details of any kind.  Her staff are wonderful as well as friendly, hard-working and trusting.  The sparkle left behind is there every time. :).

Leanne A.